# Introduction to CoB

If you’re new to CoB (Cult of Bits) and don’t know what our software can do this brief introduction is for you.

# What is the CoB Platform?

The CoB platform is the tool that will help you take advantage of your business knowledge to increase the level of productivity and quality of your organization. This is possible because our platform allows business managers themselves to build solutions to their day to day problems.

By combining together in a single application what we consider to be the fundamental pillars of any business, our platform allows the person responsible for building a solution to be the one to choose which of these pillars to use.

# Integrated Business Management

As a platform designed for the coordinated management of all business sectors of an organization, CoB was born from the insight that the overwhelming majority of modern organizations - regardless of their business sector - can be characterized by three main pillars:

  1. The information used and produced in the context of the business;
  2. The work performed by the people involved in the business;
  3. The equipment that must be interacted with in the course of that business.

In the absence of dedicated tools devised to address each of these pillars in the digital age, common solutions end up inevitably appearing in all organizations - however different these may be:

  • Task coordination ends up being done by e-mail;
  • Information management ends up being done with the help of an Excel spreadsheet;
  • Interacting with equipment is done on a manual - i.e., device by device - basis.

What the CoB platform provides is a complete alternative to these tools that are often implemented in an improvised and, as such, ad hoc manner.

CoB's value proposition

# Agile Solutions

Within the CoB platform, it is the customer who shapes and leads the solution. At the same time, it is also a platform packed with advantages for managers:

  • Ease of use;
  • Fast application development;
  • Great adaptability.

Because the business is constantly evolving, the CoB platform allows you to keep up with this evolution and thus eliminate those growing pains that just won't go away.

In the same way that a box of LEGO© pieces does not come with a closed solution, our platform is also open-ended. Just as in a box of LEGOs© no one is unclear about the purpose of the pieces - anyone can build something with them as long as they know what they need -, the sole purpose of the CoB platform is to help improve the work of organizations. It is up to those who will use it to decide what they will build.

If you want to see more real-world examples of what is possible to build with the help of the CoB platform you only need to check the next chapter.